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Abjad Calculations (Adad Calculator)

In Arabic language, there are 28 letters (29 if hamza – ء is counted separately in some dialects). Every alphabet has an equivalent numerical value known as the Adad of that letter. This calculation of finding out the numerical value is called Hisab’ul Jumal, also known as Adad Calculations or Abjad Calculations. This method of Read more about Abjad Calculations (Adad Calculator)[…]

The Train

Many of us have traveled in trains, and we often do not take notice of various things that pass by and happen around us. In other words, we often take it for granted.   The same way, while traveling in this fast-paced world, we often lose sense of our surroundings and the people around us Read more about The Train[…]

It will be happier ..

A new beginning … A new Life. Why do we celebrate new year? 2013/1434H – Is it just a number or does it signify something more? The Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012 but yet here I am writing this post, and you reading it in 2013. So does this give me Read more about It will be happier ..[…]

To let go

One of the most difficult things in life we have to face at some stage is to decide whether to walk away or try harder.   To overcome this dilemma, we need to first ask ourselves, “Are there any regrets?”, “How much does it matter in the grand scheme of life? And to what extent?” Read more about To let go[…]

Be the Ocean

In all relationships, we have our ups and downs. All relationships have problems. We fight cause of misunderstandings, we fight cause of lack of attention, we fight cause of disappointment of expectations, and so on …  The reasons are endless.  What matters most is, how many times you come out stronger, and keep coming back. Read more about Be the Ocean[…]


“Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had?”   Regret. One word that says it all.    That utter disappointment over something that has happened in our lives, or usually the emptiness and pain we feel inside us for a sense Read more about Regret[…]

A Significant Turn

Dire ScenariosIntimidating Results …Brave Decisions, Or half-hearted they were? The journey this year brought with it many heartaches, but also brought with it many special moments to be thankful for. The road was never smooth, and no one expected it to be. Difficult and heart-breaking decisions were made, but it was for the better good – Read more about A Significant Turn[…]

Reality of Dreams

When the stars are bright, A world engulfs me.Enlightenment it is, Or just a delusion? We often dream just about anything every night, sometimes we remember those dreams, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we can comprehend those dreams, sometimes we don’t. There is a very popular quote from the movie Inception which sort of inspired me Read more about Reality of Dreams[…]