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Namaz Awqaat with Miqaat Android Application

namaz awqaat with miqaat

Namaz Awqaat is a lightweight and comprehensive android application which alerts the Muslim users about their daily prayers. It comprises of a calendar which saves and reminds the users of their events. The events can be saved in both Gregorian and Hijri dates.

  • timings for sehori end, fajar, sunrise, zawal, zohor end, asar end, magrib, nisfullail, nisfullail end
  • hijri calendar with all important miqaats saved by default including urus and salgira of duat and hudood
  • add personal events for Hijri and Gregorian dates
  • miqaat/event notification feature
  • automatic azaan reminders
  • backup and restore calendar data
  • auto detect timezone changes
  • optional preference to set sanaa reminder for sehori last time
  • automatic and manual location setting for namaz timings
  • does not require an active internet connection

Miqaats based on Hijri date are shown in red color, and Gregorian events are shown in blue.

Adding New Events
Long press on any date to add event/miqaat. You can choose any date between Hijri or Gregorian and it will calculate the corresponding date accordingly.

Update/Delete Existing events
To edit existing events, press and hold the event name shown below the calendar.


Initially, Namaz Awqaat will try to detect your location automatically. Make sure that Location access settings is turned on in your device settings the first time you open the application.

If for any reason Namaz Awqaat is unable to detect your location automatically, please enter your location manually in the application setting by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates and timezone information.

Note: For dual-sim users, it is advised to place your active sim in the Sim 1 slot for automatic location detection to work properly.


For qibla direction, place the device on a flat surface then open the qibla option from the application. Do not hold it in the hand or place it on an uneven surface as it will most likely give inaccurate direction.

When the rotation of the compass pointer is smooth, the direction is accurate. If the pointer gets stuck or doesn’t rotate properly, restart the device as it flushes the previous location. The sensors in the device stores previous location information as well which sometimes gives inaccurate directions.

However, there are several factors that can affect the accuracy such as:

  • strength of sensors in the device
  • proximity of metal objects or other magnetic fields such as using the app near a TV or computer or similar environment
  • previous location stored in sensor which results in inaccurate qibla direction
  • weak or no GPS signals
  • device is not calibrated or is on an uneven surface

Note: Qibla will only work if current location is fetched properly from the device. Manually entered location will not work for this feature as Qibla direction will differ with changes in latitude longitude.

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