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Tajweed Ahkaam (Quran) Android Application

tajweed ahkaam quran

Tajweed Ahkaam

aims to assist in understanding the rules of Quran recitation. Tajweed Ahkaam provides a streamlined way of remembering them.

Reciting the Quraan with Tajweed Ahkaam means to pronounce every letter with all its articulated qualities. It includes proper prolongation, pause, nasalization, distinctiveness and phonetics along with proper rhythm and emphasis where necessary. The most important part of Tajweed Ahkaam is learning about correct position of the organs of speech and the manner of articulation.

It is important to recite every letter of the Quraan properly with all of its rules and properties. The meaning of the verse / ayah can be changed if pronounced incorrectly.

With the frequent use of the Tajweed application, one will be able to learn the ahkaam and start reciting Quraan with the correct application of those ahkaam.

  • sliding menu on the left with all ahkaam for easy navigation
  • description of every hukum along with audio examples (voice of Mahmoud Khalil Al Hosary)
  • localized into English and Arabic languages

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